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Your donation can help The Well of Mercy create new pathways for women who are left alone to create substantial lives for themselves and their children without adequate support or means. Ultimately, we want to contribute to a world in which all women have greater options, less obstacles and stronger resources. 

We are guided by three words: home, heal and thrive

Our mission
Our mission is to provide a secure home for single, pregnant women in need–encouraging and developing programs of change, offering and building paths towards successful and stable futures for these women and their children. 

Our values
Commitment: We offer more than just a home for our women. We provide steadfast dedication to building and renewing their lives through counseling, mentoring, family bonding and social support system.

Caring: Our number one priority is surrounding our women with a sense of true caring. We strive to create a loving, open, family environment.

Future-Focused: We consistently prepare our women for strong, independent futures within a nurturing atmosphere. We encourage life skills that allow our women both heal, and become armed with education, opportunities and confidence.

Gratitude: We are ever thankful and encourage gratitude for those who support our efforts, the resources we are able to provide, and for the women who embrace them and go on to contribute positively to society.

Bravery: We recognize the strength of the women we support for surviving the obstacles placed in front of them, and the bravery it takes to commit to changing their own lives.